Making Poppies

Cutting out Poppies

A die was made to form the 2 parts of the Poppy and are cut out on the slab roller and are cleaned and prepared for assembly.

Forming the Poppy

The pieces are assembled and the petals are formed which gives the Poppy its shape.

Drying the Poppies

The Poppies are left to dry for up to a week to ensure that there is no water left in the clay before the first firing.

Poppy Production

About 70 poppies are produced a day and dried on the ware racks waiting for the first firing.

Firing the Poppies

After the first firing the Poppies are glazed and fired in the large gas kiln for the final firing. The Poppies are fired to 2400F.

Admiring the Poppies

Here I am with my assistant Nancy Redwood after a firing of the Poppies. Enjoying the moment.

Poppy assembly

The Poppies are checked and ready for the assembly of the rods onto the Poppies.

Finished Poppies

Once the Poppies are assembled they are put on display in the gardens of the Pottery.

Poppies in the garden waiting for you.